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Sellers FAQ


1. What is my home worth?

We'll provide you with a detailed CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) that gives a glimpse of like properties or COMPS that are currently for sale, and the recent sold history of the COMPS in your area. We'll provide lots of pictures as well, that makes comparing properties much easier.

2. What are you going to do to market my home?

Went over our multi-faceted Maximed Marketing Plan in item number 3 of the Sellers page. As stated, the marketing of your home includes not only the broadcasting of your home to the public, but employing an effective pricing strategy, tips on staging and overall appeal, and a look at the current market and other homes for sale (our competition!). But, usually people are asking specifically about the tools and techniques we'll be using to broadcast their home. See our Image Resources page for more details!

3. How long it will take my home to sell?

We can tell how long similar properties are taking to sell, and discuss a pricing strategy that matches your motivation.

4. I don't want to move twice, what we can do?

This is a tough one! A lot depends on your unique situation, but we'll take a look at the market and discuss your estimated time on market, your estimated closing date. We'll also look at how the various financing options available to you for your next purchase will impact your decision making.

5. Why should I hire you?

Most importantly, I believe people should hire someone that they have a good rapport with, and someone that they trust will help guide them through the process to closing! (Experience and a proven marketing plan help as well!)